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Friday, January 29, 2010


Donna Karan has always been near and dear to my heart. I remember hearing about her as the Anne Klein head designer in the late 70's (after Anne Klein's death) and Anne Klein was my first "designer" purchase. That alone shows my age. It was a red, wool blend blazer with black and silver buttons. I loved that jacket and everyone knew it - I wore it constantly.  I honestly just let go of it several years ago when forced to by my personal shopper (I used her a couple of seasons and she was worth every penny...more to follow in another post). The red blazer didn't make the archive, tailor, or consignment pile. Nope, straight to Goodwill.

Donna (I know we would be friends) left Anne Klein in 1985 after she married the love of her life, Stephan Weiss. Stephan was an artist, but joined Donna in sharing the responsibilities of the company.  Donna's focus has always been real women. Do you remember her claim to fame? The bodysuit! Giving a smoother silhouette to a real women's body, just snap and go. Also, her essentials line - the 7 pieces that every working women needed to mix and match and create several oufits. DKNY was born in the late 80's and this bridge line for real women rocketed her to designer stardom.

I read somewhere that Donna actually has to try on every design in her line, if it doesn't look good on her, it doesn't make it to production. I love that she's not designing with the 18-year-old body in mind, but for real women, with curves, flaws and all. Her Spring 2010 RTW Collection is beautiful and wearable. Simple, clean, feminine lines that accentuate the positive. Soft blush, grays, blues and a pop of red ruled the runway.

Sometimes we just need to appreciate the beauty in fashion. Here are my favorites from her new collection. I can see any fit and fashionable 40-50-year-old looking fantastic in every one of these...Do you have a favorite?

Two feminine, beautiful Spring dresses.

So chic and age appropriate.

My personal favorite.
Love the color & cut, it's sexy, but classy.

High power lunch anyone?

This fabric is amazing.

Now this is a pop of color, and when
I wish I was tall, thin and toned enough to wear it.

Happy Fashion Friday!


Looking Fab in your forties said...

I hated the bodysuit, who wants to fiddle around with their crotch area before taking pee? Love the outfits on the post though.

That's Not My Age said...

Ooh yes, we love a bit of Donna Karan. The dress in image number three is gorgeous. Though I do have to be careful with grey - certain shades drain the life out of me!

beautifully50 said...

You are so right about grey - I'm lucky since I have olive skin....but it's really all in the make-up! You have to brignten your face up a bit...I'm sure you know all the tricks..but if not let me know:)

Anonymous said...

I remember well the red jacket!! You are right. Those designs are so you!! Love the lines, not crazy about the colors.