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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Massage Must!

I'm loving Dr. Mao's tip for the day!  Massage: Not a Luxury Item!  So, no more feeling guilty about spending time or money on this treat. The health benefits of massage are worth every penny spent! Massage can boost your immune system, increase relaxation response (I know we all need this), improve circulation of blood and lymph, relieve muscle pain and spasm, and more.  Dr. Mao considers it essential for good health and fitness.

I've had a difficult week. One of my best friends has been in and out of ICU for the last week. Here's the short list - emergency C-section,  staph infection, e-coli infection, right lung collapsed, pneumonia - all of this and a 3-year old and a brand new baby at home!  I went to visit her in the hospital and one of the greatest gifts I could give her was a neck, shoulder and back massage. I could feel the stress in her body as I started and I could also feel her relaxing in my hands. A very small gesture that made such a big impact. It was a gift to myself too..the power of making someone feel better is a wonderful thing.

So give this gift to yourself - your body needs it! I often treat myself to a manicure (remember, no artificial nails?! Regular manicures help keep my nails strong.), and during my manicure I'll ask for a chair massage at the same time. Just ask - most salons or nail shops can accommodate this request. It's usually only $1/minute, and even 10 minutes can do the trick. Remember, you need this for your health!  Also, many health food stores offer this service at $1 per minute as well. If you google "chair massage" for your area, you'll probably find a host of locations. In fact, I really enjoy a chair massage more than a full body; the focus is on my problem areas and for some reason, the chair posture allows them to really target all areas with equal amounts of pressure and strength. Another great alternative if budget is an issue, and let's face it, budget is always an issue, is massage therapy or cosmetic schools. They offer lower prices to allow students to practice, and a student, new to a task, always wants to do a great job!

There are many types of massage: Swedish, acupressure, shiatsu, Thai, hot stone, aromatherapy, deep tissue, sports, reflexology (foot massage) and many more. When you get your full body massage, experiment with the different types, depending on what's going on with your body. For me, I love deep tissue and hot stone (incorporating hot stones as massage tools).

So, make an appointment today, you'll get an immediate sense of well-being. Enjoy!

Hot Stone Therapy
Peaceful and Relazing

Babies and children need massage too!

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Wildernesschic said...

So glad I read this I yearning for a massage .. I am not going to book one in the morning x