Welcome! I'm a 48 (and 1/2) year old, wife, mother (8 1/2 year old son), daughter, sister, friend and volunteer. So, 48.5 really means I'm into my 49th year on this amazing planet, and on July 19, 2010, I'll be in my 50th year. The mid-century mark. L. The big 5-0. However you want to say it, to most of the English speaking world, it means "old". I want to get there with grace, passion, beauty, love and laughter. I want to get there the old-fashioned way: by taking care of myself, eating right, creating a balanced life, laughing and living life to it's fullest. I'll be documenting my journey and hope you will watch and learn along the way. I'll also provide some of my tips for looking young and feeling your best as we head to and beyond our mid-century mark. Here's to being "Beautifully 50".

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Please don't pass the bubbly!

Ok, I admit it, I grew up on TAB. Remember the pink can? Full of saccharin and who knows what else?! Of course, only later did we learn how detrimental saccharin can be for our health. Lately when I crave some bubbles,  I've been loving Coke Zero; I really think it tastes like the real deal, but with zero calories, zero sodium and zero sugar. If it's zero everything, what's it really made of? Here's a partial list - carbonated water, acesulfame potassium, aspartame, caffeine, phosphoric acid, sucralose, potassium citrate, sodium benzoate, and a host of other "ates".  I think my pool is cleaned with the same ingredients.

Dr. Mao's book has finally given me the answer I always wanted as to why we shouldn't drink carbonated drinks. It's the phosphoric acid, the fifth ingredient listed on my Coke Zero can. Phosphoric acid is harmful to calcium metabolism and diminishes bone mass, therefore increasing the risk of osteoporosis. Even natural carbonation in spring water contains high levels of phosphoric acid. Healthy bones are a key to a long, healthy life, so it's best to stay away from the bubbles and choose teas, pure juices and flat spring water to quench our thirst!

Coke Bubbles

I'm fortunate to have a very pro-active physician who ordered a bone density scan for me last year. Since I'm in a high risk category for osteoporosis (half-Asian, half-Caucasion and small boned), she decided to perform the test early. Sure enough, bone loss is happening. I now take a calcium horse pill daily, and a prescription strength Vitamin D capsule (10,000 units) weekly.  The bone scan was the eye opener I needed to start caring for my bones - eating healthy and working out was not enough.

So, no more bubbles for me. And here's the hard part....I'm a champagne girl. My go-to beverage for girls' night out, holidays, celebrations, and ok, yes, occasionally just hanging out at home.  Champagne or sparkling wine is the second fermentation of wine to induce carbonation. So, I'm going to revise the first sentence of this paragraph. So, no more bubbles for me, except for the occasional glass of champagne. A girl's got to celebrate, right?

As I was researching champagne, I came across these vintage posters, mostly from France, of course! The glamour, beauty and fun that champagne can illicit jumps off the page...how can I completely give that up?!

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