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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Décolleté Decay

I admit it, in my thirties, and even early forties,  I seldom paid attention to what was happening below my chin...after all, your face is what counts, right? Well, now as I am approaching my quarter century mark, I realize that my décolleté desperately deserves attention! Décolleté, such a pretty word, from the french meaning "wearing a low-neck dress" or "having a low-cut neckline".  It now also translates to the skin of the upper area of our bodies, including neck, chest, cleavage and shoulder areas.

We've all seen women with perfectly smooth (botox?), even (chemical peel?), tight (face-lift?) skin, and then noticed their saggy, wrinkled, hyper-pigmented chest areas.  I don't get this! Pay that much money for a flawless complexion and then let your décolleté decay?! Ladies - our complexions must match our décolleté's or we are wasting our time, money and energy on all of our facial beautifiers! If your face reads 40-year-old, don't have your decollete read 50-year-old.

So what can we do? It's easy. Basically, we need to treat our skin below our chin with the same care as the skin above our chin.  Cleanse your chest area with a good cleanser, follow up with a moisturizer and slather on the sunscreen. Gently exfoliate twice a week, and use a hydrating mask on a weekly basis.  At nighttime, when your body and skin are rejuvenating, apply a cream that focuses on your chest area's particular problem. My chest has a sunspot for every day I've baked in the sun, from my teens to thirties, so I utilize a hydroquinone (bleaching) cream as well as Olay's Definity Night Cream.  I don't have a lot of wrinkles (yet), but I know the care I'm giving this area now, will help ward off the deep lines for a bit. There are dozens of excellent throat/décolleté creams on the market, but I find that facial moisturizers combat the same issues, with a lower price tag than the targeted "throat" cream.

Deep set wrinkles in the décolleté area are mostly caused by sleeping on one's side, the weight of the breast actually compresses the skin together, leaving the lines behind.  Be sure to exercise the chest (just like any other part of your body, a toned chest looks better than a unfit one), try to sleep on your back, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Also, whenever you are treating yourself to a facial, ask your aesthetician to use the same techniques in your chest area as she does for your complexion.  However, be careful with chemical peels in this area due to the thinness of the skin. Be sure to have an extremely knowledgeable aesthetician, or even better, a dermatologist,  decide if a chemical peel might benefit your décolleté.

When wearing a low-cut garment,  I always apply a light mineral based powder to even up my skin tone, and highlight my shoulder bones (every ladies best asset!).

So, bring on the low (ok, lower) cut dresses and let's show off our pretty décolleté's!


Cashon&Co said...

its funny that you do this post now, b/c I was watching Millionare Matchmaker (okay, i guess now i'm going to have to post this anyonomsly b/c that is so embaressing!) but there was a gorgeous woman, who obviously had botox and fillers, but nonetheless, she looked like Ursula Andress, and she wanted more kids but also had a 21 yr old, so i was guessing early 40s. But her NECK! wow. it' looked 80! I started putting that peptide cream from Dr. M from my eyes on my neck now. good reminder about my chest too!
(just started coffee.typo's guaranteed)

Rosina at Middle Ageless said...

You can actually buy weird boob separators to wear at night but they are such passion killers (I have a whole blog post on these). I have found a simple square pillow hugged to the chest at night elevates the upper arm (assuming you are lying on your side) and with it the upper breast, preventing the compression. Also, Bio Oil is great at night and doesn't contain parabens or anythng that might be "iffy" in the breast area.
I know several people whose chests are like those mentioned by Cashon. There is a lot of sun damage and freckling. It's hard to undo, so the earlier the sunscreen application, the better!