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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Swim Spanx, Really?

Wow. We all remember the "Miracle Suit"...needless to say, I've never tried one on (they always seemed very outdated in their styling, although I loved the concept of a swimsuit taking off the terrible 10), but I may actually take a dive into these new suits from Spanx.  Yes, Spanx! The company we all wish was created decades ago, but fortunately we all know and love now for their slimming shapers and body wear. And, if you've never purchased a Spanx product, either count your blessings for your perfect body, or head to the nearest big box retailer and load up!

Currently I'm at that stage in my life when I'm mourning the loss of ever hoping to wear a bikini again...even in my own backyard. And really, my body is not that bad...some cellulite here and there, a little back fat and a less than perky derriere. My tummy is actually flat, but it's covered with lines (are these stomach wrinkles?), and I have a decent bust area.  I just feel over-exposed in a two-piece since my almost 49-year-old skin is just not as pretty anymore. Worrying about excess skin (ok, fat), is something I just don't care to do anymore....so one-piece, you are my new bff.

So, when I ran across the Spanx suits on Neiman's website, I was immediately intrigued. New this year,  they are meant to provide the same slimming effects as the Spanx bodywear, by including a lightweight inner body shaper that will flatten tummies, smooth backs and slim love handles, all designed with beautiful Italian jersey (my mantra...everything Italian is good).  Gotta love that! Here's a sampling of the new line, with fun, sexy, flirty styles! And, I'm headed to Neiman Marcus this afternoon (time to pay that bill..I think I'll die with a NM balance), so I'll try a Spanx suit and report back.

All items available at Spanx.com or NeimanMarcus.com. 

Spanx Deep-V
Other colors available

Spanx Flamingo 
My favorite, love the color and ruching

Spanx Color Block
Must see the zoom on fabric at spanx.com, very pretty!

Spanx Triangle Top
Other colors available

Spanx Ruffle top
Other colors available

Spanx Swim Dress
Cuter on than you think!

Spanx Tankini
Several tankini styles available

Spanx Bikini
Cute, for someone!
Not sure where or how the body shaping plays a part!

Spanx Bubble Skirt Cover-up
I like this in black...need to see it on.

So, are these cute? Or wishful thinking on my part? I'm definitely going to try on...I think they are perfect for trips to a lake, water park or vacationing with other families (isn't that the worst..your friend's husband checking you out in a bathing suit?!).
Comments, please!


That's Not My Age said...

Oh I saw these at London Fashion Week today! Beautifully50, you are ahead of the curve. They only had a couple of samples - and I didn't like the swim dress or the skirt, but it's such a good idea. The range has a younger feel than the Miracle Suit - do let me know if you buy one.

Kathysue said...

If they look as cute in person and fit well I think they will probably sell out of these quickly. So glad to have found your blog. I spent some time last night reading older post , you are full of useful and helpful information. I say I might be getting older but I am going down in flames!!! WE must always keep trying to be the best "ME" we can and I think you blog is going to help many to do just that, Kathysue

Semi Expat said...

Am very interested in these - do report back won't you ? Rather like the red one first photograph... and agree with TNMA too - Miracle Suits always looked so well 'Old' in style...

Rosina at Middle Ageless said...

Although I don't like Spanx shapewear (much prefer Yummie Tummie), the idea of a swimsuit that holds in what wants to hang loose is a good one. I actually like the little bubble skirt cover up. These suits all look short in the body to me. Do they have "tall" versions? I'm 5'8" and 125 pounds and very long in the bod. I find most one piece suits are begging for a wardrobe malfunction. I agree that these are much nicer than the Miracle Suit.

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