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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

That Lancome Look

I just read that Julia Roberts is the new face of Lancome, a company I worked with for a decade of my employed life. To me, Lancome epitomizes French beaute': luxurious, opulent, and exquisite. My first introduction to Lancome was in high school (circa 1979), lining my eyes with the deepest black eye kohl pencil, and tipping my lashes with the mascara du jour (my middle-aged memory escapes me). I've been using Definicils Lengthening Mascara since it's debut...cheating every so often with the newest addition to the mascara market, but always returning to my beloved. It defines and lengthens without a single clump. Perfection.

I really do love Julia Roberts. Who couldn't? A sweet, vivacious, beautiful award winning actress, with a hot husband (ok, warm) and a lovely family. Her movies span from one of my all time favorites, "Mystic Pizza" to "Pretty Woman" to "Erin Brokovich" to "Duplicity" and so many more in between. I'm looking forward to the new "Eat, Pray, Love" coming out this year...even though I haven't made it past Chapter 1 in the book. Why? Because we can count on Julia. She'll give her all to the role and capture our senses.  But, as the face of Lancome? The jury is still out for me.

You see, when I started with Lancome, Isabella Rossellini was the face of Lancome.  Daughter of Swedish actress, Ingrid Bergman, and Italian director, Roberto Rossellini, destined for fame on her birth day. To me, her mother,  Ingrid Bergman epitomizes classic beauty, with her flawless skin, perfect features, and enchanting smile.

Ingrid Bergman

Isabella Rosellini

Isabella was raised in Italy and Paris, and moved to NYC at the age of 19 to go to college. She worked as a translator, circus ringmaster!, and sometimes hit the stage at Roberto Benigni's (Life is Beautiful) Italian comedy show. She married director Martin Scorsese in 1979 (he certainly got lucky) and decided to stay in NYC. Their marriage only lasted until 1982 (shocker), but during this time Isabella dug her perfectly coiffed toes into modeling. Her face graced the covers of all the "it" magazines and in 1982 she signed her contract to become the face of Lancome.

A coup! Lancome just landed one of the most beautiful, European models of all time - a perfect fit for this French firm expanding in the good ole' US of A. OK, so she's not french, but definitely has that European 'je ne sais quoi'.  Parlez vous francais? Oui! Oui! Yes, she's fluent, and to me, that counts for something. Isabella remained with Lancome until 1996, she was 44 and graced the ads for fourteen record-breaking years.

After Isabella, Lancome had a "face" for its' different product segments. Juliette Binoche, Kate Winslet, Ines Sastre, and even Clive Owen had their own campaigns. Color stories, new product launches and other ads used beautiful models, but not a "name".  So, now they have a "name". Julia Roberts will be the face of Lancome across product lines. I don't think she's ever lived in France or Europe, I don't think she speaks Francais, and I don't think she has that same "je ne sais quoi"as Isabella. I love Lancome, so I hope I'm wrong. I do love the fact that she is 42, but begs the question, "Is Lancome now a line for only the more mature?"  Have the MAC's , Smashboxes, and Shu Uemera taken over while Lancome simply maintains it's market?  Julia, I hope we can count on you now, as we do in all of your movie roles. Afterall, what would I do without my Definicils??

Lancome ad

Isabella Rosselini
Lancome Ad

Isabella Tresor Launch Ad
My favorite.

Isabella Rossellini
Dolce & Gabanna Ad
I love this!

Isabella and lover, Director David Lynch

Isabella at 52. 
Still beautiful and natural.

Your thoughts on Julia??


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am 50 and love your blog! I especially like to see your "must have" products for the "mature" woman! By the time we reach this age, we are aware of the products that work, and the ones that don't. I would love to see more of this in your blog. I am also interested in posts on how to change your wardrobe so that you look fashionable, without looking like you are trying to hard to look, "young". Thank you for creating a blog which celebrates, 50!

Anonymous said...

I will always think of Isabella as the consumate beauty. She was always able to capture the essence of beauty while still managing to always look interesting and different. I have both of her books because not only is she beautiful but always remained true to herself and to what is inner beauty. Kudos to your blog today. C

That's Not My Age said...

Love Isabella - don't you think she's beautifully52 ?