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Friday, February 5, 2010

Get the skinny!

Happy Fashion Friday! If you've been reading my blog you know that I love fashion and worked in the beauty/fashion biz for too many years to remember! I have lots of friends that call weekly for fashion advice and several that I take shopping on a regular basis. I love helping my friends, it's amazing how much easier it is to shop for someone else. Like everything, it's all about the money. I can persuade a friend to spend the big bucks on a handbag, even though I might have a hard time doing so myself.  I love the thrill of finding something that is just perfect for them - their shape, lifestyle and budget.

Every once in a while I find something that I LOVE so much that I have to share the passion with all my friends...however, I can't take credit for this find, that goes to my good friend, Nancy Klompus of Buy Request, her own wardrobe consulting business. If you are in the Dallas area, check out her website, she has amazing taste and helps tweak your style, your closet and your shopping habits.

One day Nancy sent an email (as she often does) out to her friends and clients letting us know about a new jean in town. The James Jean Twiggy. Twiggy? For me, no way. I emailed back immediately, "Are you sure I can even wear these?" "Absolutely!" Nancy replied.  You see, Nancy and I are the same age, so I trust her judgement completely when it comes to age- appropriateness.

So I called my favorite sales associate at one of my go-to boutiques in town and sure enough, the Twiggy had arrived.  I got to the store as quickly as my schedule permitted, and couldn't wait to try on the jeans. I envied my younger friends in their leggings, boots and cute tops. I envied my 40-plus-year-old friends with shapes perfected by hours in the gym, wearing the latest skinny jeans. I, for one, don't believe that a 48-year-old should be wearing leggings.  I've been there, done that, for a decade in the 80's, when I did have the perfect leggings body, but I do still love the look.

The Twiggy is the answer.  Denim "legging" perfection. A stretchy, skinny jean that lifts your bottom and magically slims your legs. I'm not sure how, but I don't care. Comfy and wearable, they almost feel like you have on your favorite pair of sweats. I wear them to the grocery store with Uggs and a sweater, and then on a moms' night out with a sexy, (albeit) longer top.  The Twiggy should look good on any figure, as long as you keep your top longer.  Also, for us 40-plus-women, buy your Twiggy in either black or blue denim.  For women with a slimmer silhouette, the gray is nice as well. I haven't tried the white, I may do so for summer, but my gut instinct is "no."

So get your skinny on with the James Jean Twiggy. I did send the link to several of my friends, and all have been thrilled with their new go-to's! The Twiggy fits true to size,  so if ordering on-line, simply order your typical jean measurement.  Ok, gotta go...and get my Twiggy's on for the day.

Halle Berry in Twiggy

 Marcia Cross loves the Twiggy.


Charlize Theron in black cat and denim.

OH - and the best part? The Twiggy is under $120... a budget blessing
 when it comes to jeans these days.

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