Welcome! I'm a 48 (and 1/2) year old, wife, mother (8 1/2 year old son), daughter, sister, friend and volunteer. So, 48.5 really means I'm into my 49th year on this amazing planet, and on July 19, 2010, I'll be in my 50th year. The mid-century mark. L. The big 5-0. However you want to say it, to most of the English speaking world, it means "old". I want to get there with grace, passion, beauty, love and laughter. I want to get there the old-fashioned way: by taking care of myself, eating right, creating a balanced life, laughing and living life to it's fullest. I'll be documenting my journey and hope you will watch and learn along the way. I'll also provide some of my tips for looking young and feeling your best as we head to and beyond our mid-century mark. Here's to being "Beautifully 50".

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

iHad to Share

I just had to share this new iPhone case maker with you! I happened to notice a friend's case the other day, and it was unlike any I had ever seen. We've all seen the rubber peace signs, Paul Franks', colored plastic, even shiny gold iPhone cases...all very cool as well, but this one we create ourselves. Yes, a one-of-a-kind iPhone case. The process is fun, inexpensive and gets your creative juices flowing. (Am I the last to know about this?)

The site is called imakemycase.case-mate and in addition to the DIY cases, it has a wide selection of other cool ready-made phone cases as well. 

As I said, the process is simple. The site has 10 different world-class artists (with samples of their work) for you to choose from, and each artist has several different backgrounds (from your basic white to psychedelic prints), dozens of different graphics (flowers, diamonds and serpents to name a few) and a few tools (want a kaleidoscope of your art? no problem). Then it's all "drag and drop".  The art is applied with a special process that embeds the ink directly into the case, ensuring it won't scratch or abrade with our daily addictive use. Cases are made with Lexon, an extremely strong plastic that is more durable and lighter than the other plastic cases on the market. Since 'imakemycase' is one-of-a-kind, they strived to use the best quality products in their design.

So what's this got to do with becoming "Beautifully50?"  Don't we all want to celebrate our individuality?  We are past the "take what they give you" stage of our lives, right? And, this is a great way to show our creativity and passion for art.  All of this for a mere $39.99. Oh, yes, at our age, we love a good bargain too.

My friends will tell you that I love art, but I'm certainly no artist. Here are some designs I made in 10 minutes or less (all of them, not just one of them!):

Loads of Diamonds

Spring has Sprung

Grayphic Circles

My Valentine's Mess

Scroll it!

Pyschedelic 60's

The ten minutes I spent creating these was lots of fun. I cant' wait to go back on and create another. Although, I'm kind of liking "My Valentine's Mess". What do you think? 


Kathysue said...

How Fun!! I am liking the scroll one but I am sure whatever you come up with will be amazing and Oh so YOU!! How fun, can't wait to see what you design, keep us posted, Kathysue

Cashon&Co said...

Do NOT let my boys, especially my elder, see this as he will be BEGGING me to let him make one for his itouch. I'm so over the apps & accessories! what in the world was santa thinking? bad santa! bad!

Wildernesschic said...

Just found your blog, we are the same age within a few days !! I have to say you look amazing xx Great blog x look forward to reading more x

Semi Expat said...

Fantastic idea - wonder what you will go for in the end?

Kathysue said...

Hi, read your comment first thing this morning and it made me smile. I am so glad I inspired you. That makes me feel really good. Having company is what inspired me to clean out some of me debris,he he. Have a great day! Kaathysue

Beauty411 said...

I'm totally doing this--was just complaining about the lack of really cool iPhone cases! Just found your blog & really like it; looking forward to reading more.

日月神教-任我行 said...